Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Please use these questions and answers to resolve any problems that you are having. If your problem is not covered in this FAQ or it persists please contact us. In your email please include your name, the course and lesson (if applicable), and a detail summary of the problem. By providing this information you make it much easier for us to assist you. Thank you.
Login Questions
  • Why can't I login?
    • You may be using the wrong login information. Use the "Forgot your information" section to have your login information e-mailed to you. If you have changed your password, please use the new password with attempting to log in.

    • You may not have "Java" enabled. You can turn them on by finding the "Internet Options" option in the menubar of your browser (it's probably located in the Tools menu or it can be accessed by going to the control panel). Click on the "Security" tab. Make sure the "Internet" globe icon is highlighted. Click on the "Custom Level..." button to bring up the security options for your browser. Search through the menu for the "Active scripting" (it is close to the bottom of the list) option. Select "Enable" and click the "OK" button.

    • You may not have the latest version of Java. You can download it at
Course Questions
  • Why does the lesson playback seem to be jumpy?
    • Download the entire lesson before viewing to ensure smooth playback.

    • Close all programs before viewing a lesson. Doing a large "copy and paste" or attempting to upload or download files while simultaneously viewing a lesson will cause quality problems.

  • Why is the lesson stopping when it reaches the quiz question?

  • Why will the lesson not play?

  • Why can't I view the lesson using a Firefox or Safari browser?
    • Do you have the current Adobe Flash Player installed? Please refer to Adobe's site for the latest version to download: Adobe Flash Player Install.

    • Do you have the latest version of the Firefox or Safari browser installed? Firefox free download: Mozilla Firefox. Safari free download:

    • Once you are sure that you have latest Flash and version of your browser installed, close your browser and reopen it. You should not have any problem veiwing lesssons at that point.
    • You must make sure that you install the latest copy of Flash for each browser that you are using. For instance, if you have the latest version of Flash for Internet Explorer, this does not mean that you have the latest version for other browsers. To test to the current version visit

  • Why does the lesson stop abruptly?
    • This problem may be caused by IHRI (if we are rebooting our servers or uploading a new version of a lesson). This is rarely the cause of lesson playback problems. In that case, the problem is temporary; please try the lesson again in a few minutes.

    • You may have lost your Internet connection. Check the connection and reestablish it if necessary. If the problem persists, try another computer with the same Internet connection. If the problem is still not resolved, try a different computer with a different Internet connection. Student's use of an unreliable connection is the most frequent cause of problems. Even if you are able to download videos suchs as those on, an unreliable connection may still be the cause of the problem. Fast DSL connections are often the problem due to the distance between your computer and the phone company's main switch.
      Note: If you are using a dial-up connection, these lessons may not download properly.

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